Family Self-Sufficiency Program

What is FSS and why is it important?

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program, (FSS), is a federally funded program established to assist low-income households in becoming economically self-sufficient, eventually transitioning off subsidy assistance.

How do we help?

By working together with a case manager, FSS participants will be able to access crucial resources that help them to overcome obstacles and achieve success.


What can we
help with?

  • Preparing For Employment
  • Setting Up A Savings Account
  • Money Management
  • Education Advancement
  • Homeownership
  • And more…

Program Incentives

  • Financial incentive: The FSS program provides a unique opportunity for FSS participants to enhance their earnings through an escrow savings account. This account is entirely free, tax-exempt, and earns interest, giving participants complete autonomy over how they use the fu Upon completing the program, participants can receive their escrow money as a reward.
  • Case Management: Assisting FSS participants in accessing necessary services to overcome obstacles is crucial for their success. Support from a case manager serves as an essential component in aiding FSS participants in achieving their goals.


Program Features

  • HCV Homeownership Program – The HCV homeownership program enables households receiving assistance under the HCV program to utilize their voucher to purchase a home and obtain monthly mortgage assistance to cover homeownership expenses. However, the HCV homeownership program is solely accessible to households accepted into the HCV program and is not provided by all Public Housing Agencies (PHA). Contact the FSS Coordinator for more information.
  • A Tax-free and interest-bearing escrow account – An account is established by the PHA for each participating household. Any increase in the household’s rent due to earned income results in crediting the household’s escrow account. Once a household graduates from the program, they may access the escrow and use it for any purpose.