Project-Based Voucher Program

The Project-Based Voucher Program (PBV) offers rental housing options at specific locations. Assistance is attached to particular rental units, meaning, if you live in a rental unit under the PBV Program and move, the assistance stays with the unit. The SRO is considered a special voucher and not a project based voucher.

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Ivy Manor

Originally the historic LaSalle Apartments, built in 1923 during the Beautiful Virginia era. Originally it was the home of local business owners and single, female school teachers. The Ivy Manor apartments provide quality affordable housing for low-income and formerly homeless individuals in the community. The Ivy Manor boasts 41 efficiency, one bedroom units and 1 two bedroom unit. It has on-site case management provided by Range Mental Health. Residents residing in the unit for 12 months become eligible for a Housing Choice Voucher if they decide to move.

Virginia Youth Foyer

The Virginia Youth Foyer provides safe, affordable permanent housing and supportive services for homeless youth in northern St. Louis County. The AEOA Youth Counselor conducts outreach to youth experiencing homelessness and provides intensive case management services to youth participating in the Virginia Youth Foyer project. The Counselor helps young people in the Foyer program achieve the skills necessary to successfully transition into adulthood. The Foyer project serves youth 18-23 who are homeless.


The AEOA’s Single Room Occupancy (SRO) is located in Eveleth MN in the historic Italian American Club building. The SRO provides safe, decent and affordable housing to low-income, homeless adults.